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Ben Zittlau, P.Eng


A Little About Me

I am a professional engineer with over 10 years of professional experience in the web and mobile software startup industry. I’ve founded and grown several businesses, as well as helped mature and grow the businesses of others. I am passionate about the early stages of a new company or product team, and the dynamic and complex challenges of navigating a codebase from prototype to stable platform, and the team from individuals to a well functioning team. My goal is to enable early stage companies as they look to build out their product capabilities by investing into their people until I am no longer needed.

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Our Services

  • Transitionary CTO

I'll work with your company as you transition from that scrappy early stage startup, to a more mature and stable product development organization.

  • Best Practices

It would be nice if best practices in product development were a straightforward question, but in reality best practices need to adapt to your specific context. Let me work with your team to advance their thinking and capabilities for best practice execution.

  • Technology Strategy

Your technology and business strategies need to stand as two sides of the same coin. With strong experience at the leadership and strategy table from startup to growth-stage, I can help you develop a plan soundly based in available technologies and the capabilities of your team.

  • Codebase Recovery

Trying to move your product forward but your development team wants to rewrite the codebase? While sometimes a full rewrite is necessary there are many other tactics and options for mitigating the challenges of your existing codebase short of throwing it out the window.

  • Team Building

Building a team from scratch is a challenge for anyone, but in particular hiring technical talent without a strong grounding in that domain can be very intimidating. Let me help you identify the capabilities your organization needs, and figure out how to get the right people on your team.

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